Cross Channel Analytics Solution

2015: the year for digital marketing! Marketers are seeing search, advertising and social channels evolving quickly! Marketers feel challenged to drive pipeline growth, but have difficulty identifying where to invest. Ultimately, Marketers are squandering funds on content and promotional content that don't even have the results to support the investment.

High volumes of noise hurt each marketing channel, and you must now have content that is set apart form your competitors. To attain this goal you must be able to utilize your existing technology to induce the visibility to prospective users.

Social Media is a powerhouse these days. In fact, Hubspot says 21% of marketers say their social media presence has become paramount in the past six months. You should be promoting your content on all your social channels, and tie that content to a landing page so you can track the traffic you are gaining.

Leverage Captora’s innovative platform and you will be more capable of the strategic work and watch the technology fulfill the “grunt” work. Captora is an SaaS technology company that offers our strategic partners assistance in expanding your customer base using search, advertising and social channels.

With Captora, you can count on success with our See, Do, Win Approach:

SEE- access buyer insights and assess competitor intel
DO- scale and optimize digital campaigns/content
WIN- view and track successes cross-channel via analytics dashboard and the tunnel as a whole

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