Creating Great Content

Content is king. But not all content is great content. Creating great content can be a daunting process for many marketers. In order to increase traffic, generate leads, and drive conversions, marketers need to create great content. Great content means that it is engaging, relevant, and valuable to potential buyers.

The challenge for marketers is that they do not have insight into what buyers are looking for or how campaigns are performing. Marketers should be looking at industry trends, mapping content to buying cycle, and looking at competitor content to help them determine what type of content is performing well. In order to create great content, marketers need the data to show them what they are missing, what they need to optimize, and where they are delivering results.

Captora enables marketers to create great content based on data not guesswork. With Captora marketers can identify content gaps that can help them drive more visitors and conversions as well as link content to ROI. By leveraging existing content in your space, Captora automatically creates data-driven campaigns for demand capture. Marketers get insight into optimization opportunities, content gaps, competitor performance, as well as data on what campaigns are working well. Captora is the solution for marketers that want to create great content that will drive high conversions.

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