Creating Content Strategy

Well documented content strategies enable marketing teams to track conversion rates and ROI back to their content marketing efforts. Furthermore, with online consumers spending nearly 50% of their time engaging with content (CMI), it is crucial that companies have a strategy in place so that their content can attract, engage and eventually convert. Follow these 3 steps to start creating your content strategy.

  1. Plan - Before you can start creating content it is very important that not only do you have a set budget and expected ROI, but also attainable, and transparent goals. Some great questions to ask are; what primary metrics are we concerned with? What purpose do we want our content to serve? Who do we want to want to our content to serve?
  2. Identify Buyer Personas and Align Content - Everyday there are about 270,000,000 pieces of content being shared. This means that it is crucial for modern marketers to develop a strategy to sort through the noise. A great way to do this is by identifying your target audience/ developing buyer personas. This information can be gathered through interviews with satisfied and unsatisfied customers about their demographics, pain points, goals, and most importantly how your solution or industry knowledge ties in. Furthermore, marketing automation solutions enable companies to identify where there target audience is in the buyer journey and distribute content accordingly
  3. Multi Channel Distribution/Performance Tracking- Tailoring your content (and CTA's) to your target audience will ideally decrease your bounce rates while increasing conversion rates. However, an effective content strategy must go one step further by creating strategies to distribute content on multiple channels. For example, you would not want to distribute the same content on Twitter than you would on a hyper targeted landing page. Or some content (such as online demos & customer success stories) may be better suited for a webinar aimed at middle stage buyers, while industry trends on content marketing may be better suited for a white paper or an Ebook. Finally, you need a tool that will provide analytics and report success and missed opportunities of your content across all channels. (Insert Captora)

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