Cost Effective SEO

There are two key angles to consider when striving to lower the cost of your SEO campaigns.

Take a look at your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Customer acquisition cost is the total it takes to convince a potential buyer to purchase your product or service. It not only includes the cost of the service or product but any associated costs for research, marketing, etc. As marketers we want the customer acquisition cost to be low. Analysis of your marketing and sales pipelines should help you quickly determine your average CAC, and drive your efforts to lower it.

With the overall goal in mind of the CAC number that you want to lower, it's time to find out how to make your SEO strategy more cost-effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing practice of driving website traffic and expanding the database by distributing content on organic or free search channels. It is a key ingredient to your strategy. The amount of presence a company can gain through search engine marketing is sky-high, since most consumers turn to search engines to begin the buyer process. With Google's natural language and machine learning capabilities, modern marketers need to promote relevant content piece that contain valuable offers.

One of the most accurate ways to measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategy is through by conversion rates. Search engine optimization marketing services are relevant in marketing, but with continuous changes in search algorithms marketers don’t have access to which keywords are generating traffic to their website.

Get some tips for improving your search engine rankings in this video.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video