Corporate Marketing Strategy

Online corporate marketing strategy is incomplete without top of the funnel strategy. What is top of the funnel strategy and why is it so important fork the online world? Top of the funnel strategy determines how you identify and bring in new leads that eventually turn into customers. Top of the funnel strategy for online marketing is often thought of as SEO optimization which is not the case at all. While SEO optimization is focused on keyword identification and relevance it does very little for content relevance ultimately driving conversion rates, the most important metric of you top of the funnel strategy.

Captora is the one an only digital marketing platform that helps with the most important aspect of your online corporate marketing strategy - the top of the funnel strategy that ultimately determines how many new prospects your products and services get exposed to.

With Captora, you are guaranteed to see:

  • boosted traffic to your site using tailor-made landing pages
  • real- time market intelligence to help your prioritize and assess your content
  • lower cost-per-lead and customer acquisition cost

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