Conversion Landing Page Forms

As Google is consistently updating its organic search algorithm to provide online users with the content they are looking for, landing pages are a great resource for modern digital marketers. With a landing page, your goal is to convert a visitor into a marketing qualified lead by using a form to capture their contact information.

Here are several ways to use forms to increase conversion rates on landing pages.

  1. Keep Them Short and To The Point - No one likes filling out a long form. You want to make it easy for visitors to their information. Keep it to the basics, 5-6 qualifying fields to see if the visitor is a good lead.
  2. Progressive Profiling - consider using progressive profiling in your marketing automation tool, each time a known lead comes to a form, you can ask them for different information—making your forms much shorter
  3. Test & Optimize - The best way to continue increasing conversion rates on your landing pages is to consistently test your forms. Do A/B and multivariate testing to determine which forms work best.

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