Content Strategy Vs Goals

As modern marketers all know, content is King. But, if your content is not driving leads or helping fuel growth then it's just collecting dust. Here are some tips to help align your content strategy to your business goals.

  1. Document Goals - Before you can begin implementing a content strategy or hoping to accomplish your business goals, the key is to have well documented and transparent goals as well as buyer personas. This will help to ensure that your entire company, not just your content marketing team, is aware of your goals and how your content hopes to reach them. If your goal is to increase demand generation, you can encourage your company to share your content with their networks. By having transparent and well documented goals, as well as a target audience, you create a culture of content and content promotion.
  2. Be Audience Centric - The only way to ensure that your content is helping you reach your goals, is to make sure you are creating high quality, valuable and original content that will attract your target audience. If your goal is to increase your number of leads, then you must have proper lead capture technologies (like Captora) integrated into your content. Whatever your goals are, when it comes to inbound marketing it all starts with promoting audience centric content that will not only attract, but also convert
  3. Tools To Measure Effectiveness - Whether it is Google Analytics, social media analytics or A to B/ A to E testing; measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is of the utmost importance. Measuring the success of marketing campaigns informs you what to drop or what to focus on, but more importantly it helps you track that effectiveness back to your business goals.
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