Content Strategy Vs Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating content that is engaging, relevant, and valuable to your target audience. But, can marketers "do" content marketing without a content strategy in place?

According to Content Marketing Institute, most B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy, but only 35% have documented it. So 65% are creating content with no content marketing strategy. With so much content on the web, marketers are constantly struggling to capture their audience's attention. With no plan, goals, or a way to track your content marketing efforts, marketers have no way of knowing what to prioritize and what's working.

With too many channels, too few resources, and too much guessing, marketers don't have an integrated digital marketing solution to help them find new quality buyers. In order to be successful in content marketing marketers need:

  • Aggregated view of what content they have versus their competitors
  • See real time what their competitors are doing across channels
  • Identify digital marketing gaps and prioritize resources to help them take immediate action

With Captora marketers can intelligently scale and optimize marketing campaigns leveraging their best existing content to boost conversions across digital channels. If you want to create content that fuels growth, download our ebook to learn how to create a content marketing strategy from scratch, how to staff your content team, and how to "do" content marketing effectively.

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