Content Strategy Deliverables

Content Strategy Deliverables are of utmost importance to not only your marketing department, but also all of the C-Level and Execs in your company. While resources are being poured into your marketing department, the results must be trackable, quantifiable, and visible.

While many companies have an existing "content strategy", the reporting process and document plan are often omitted. How can people let this happen! A functional strategy must have a roadmap with KPIs, metrics, and milestones to justify the time and resources spent.

A great content strategy includes various content types, clear CTAs, and relevance to the buying cycle and target audience.Your CMOs and marketing department will want a plan that offers

●Centralized, multi-channel digital marketing toolset

●Analytics by audience, content asset, and stage of interest

●Intelligent recommendations that opportunities

●Insights on market trends & real-time view of competitor activity

Captora satisfies all the above. Captora: a Digital Marketing Acceleration platform that enables you to effectively document and track your content strategy with deliverables that provide value to C-level employees and internal marketers. Captora lowers your Cost Per Lead, improves your customer acqusition cost, and drives pipeline.

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