Content Strategy Book

The Content strategy book varies across the board, but most people face the same issue of filling holes in order to attain reach, visibility, and of course, high-quality leads.

These days, there seems to be no line for "enough" content. Marketers struggle to devise a plan that engages, relates to, and serves a purpose to potential buyers. How do marketers identify the types of content to use? What are the most captivating Call-to-Actions? Where are my buyers and at what stage are they at in the buying process? Time and resources are being wasted as marketers have only their instincts and guesswork.

What is a content marketing strategy? Well, it should enable you to effectively record and measure important goals and metrics and relay their value to C-level executives and fellow teammates. Content marketing strategies open our eyes to what is working vs. what is not, and then answers why. This is crucial as competitors are racing against you to create the most effective content the fastest.

According to Content Marketing Institute, over 80% of B2B marketers say they already have a content marketing strategy, but only one third have documented it. How can they be sure they are following their roadmap? Objectives, ROI metrics, and lead generation all become blurred lines.

Look no further, Captora's Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform is your answer for devising a content strategy that will give you results.

With Captora, you will be able to:

Identify : Find digital marketing gaps across various platforms, prioritize, and increase productivity of existing resources.

Launch: Use your best existing content targeted at the ideal buyer stage and best converting channel.

Optimize: Boost conversion of paid and organic results while maximizing the impact of prior investments in Marketing Automation, CRM, and other technology.

Scale: Use cross-channel analytics to continually reassess marketing investments while accelerating pipeline across the board(social, mobile, paid, organic, etc.)

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