Content Optimization SEO

Creating content is a key component of modern marketing practices, but it is not everything. Being able to produce dozens of content is important to drive growth, but going back to optimize that content is important to drive conversions. Marketers are aware of the importance of testing and optimizing their campaigns, but most of the time don’t actually do it. SEO focuses on which keywords will help you rank your website higher in search engines. Spending time to optimize key phrases is not going to help you achieve the results you want.

Marketers are producing content, but aren’t tracking if they are producing results. Being able to see which campaigns are performing well, and which aren’t is critical in modern marketing. Going back to optimize existing campaigns will ensure that you are driving conversions. Optimizing content is critical, especially with the thousands of potential buyers who are looking for relevant content. Many marketers aren’t sure which campaigns to optimize, thus they need a system that shows them where they are lacking in conversion and have opportunities to make that campaign better.

Captora’s always-on optimization enables marketers to achieve optimal results. With Captora, marketers can continuously test and optimize CTAs, content, and offers to significantly increase conversion rates. Captora also leverages all your content, your competitions’ content, and the web to automatically produce data-driven campaigns to ensure that marketers are placing the best content in front of the right buyers. With Captora, marketers can increase conversions, generate leads, and drive growth.

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