Content Marketing Vs Content Strategy

In order to understand the difference between content marketing and content strategy, I turn to Content Marketing Institute, "Content marketers draw on the wall with magic markers, while content strategists use fine pens". Content Marketing is the what, while content strategy is the how. While there is a difference between the two, there are also lots of similarities. Having a documented content strategy is critical. While most B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy, only 35% have it documented. Those B2B marketers who have a documented strategy are more effective than those without one. So how can marketers be successful in content marketing?

Having a strategy is just one part of the equation. Marketers are looking for platforms that will help them do more with less. With limited budgets, time, and resources, marketers are under pressure to get the right content to the right people to deliver optimal results. Once you have a strategy in place, you need the right tools and processes to start educating your buyers. With Captora you can:

  • Access real-time buyer and competitive intelligence to ensure you are creating relevant content and see what content your competitors are putting out there
  • Scale and optimize digital campaigns and associated content
  • Report success across channels and content
Your content strategy is only as good as the content you have. Knowing what content to leverage and what's working versus what isn't is critical. Download our ebook on Content Marketing That Fuels Growth to beat your growth goals.

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