Content Marketing System

Big Data and Data Science are now making inroads into the world of content marketing systems. The success of your marketing campaigns ultimately rides on success of the content used by the marketing campaigns. Relevant and timely content is a critical factor driving both traffic and conversion rates. What is the secret to having relevant and timely content? This is where big data and data science come hand in hand. This is why new generation marketing systems are also content marketing systems. By putting content as a design center piece and by applying Big Data and Data Science to content these marketing systems are able to impact the most important characteristic of a marketing campaign - its content relevance.

Captora is a new generation content marketing system focused on top of the funnel demand generation applying both data science and big data in the area traditionally known as "voodoo marketing". Captora's customers are enjoying both the productivity gains and the increased conversion rates due due to improved content relevance.

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