Content Marketing Strategy

Marketers often feel that their content marketing strategy needs to run continuously at full speed. In fact, there are often many overlooked opportunities to reuse existing assets as part of a content marketing strategy. To seize these opportunities, start by asking these content marketing strategy questions:

  • What content do I currently have?
  • What can I reuse or leverage for new campaigns while considering each persona and stage of interest?
  • Can I alter that content in a cost-effective way to align it with personas and micro-segments (extremely precise divisions of markets)?

Although these are straightforward content marketing strategy questions, they are surprisingly difficult to answer. To do so without any form of automation requires intimate knowledge of every web page, video, customer quotation, social media asset, slide deck and landing page.

That's why we created Captora, an integrated digital marketing solution to find new quality buyers. Now you can find and capture new buyers before your competition by identifying content gaps, prioritizing campaigns, and leveraging existing content. With Captora, marketing teams can intelligently scale and optimize marketing campaigns to accelerate pipeline across digital channels. Now marketers can scale and optimize campaigns and report across content, channels, and the entire funnel.

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