Content Marketing Statistics

Content marketing has been the new buzzword around modern marketing practices. Here are some statistics about content marketing:

  • 57% of marketers report custom content is their top marketing priority for 2014. (Altimeter Group, 2014)
  • The most effective B2B marketers spend 39% of their marketing budgets on content. (CMI, 2014)
  • B2B marketers cite lack of time (69%), producing enough content (55%) and producing the kind of content that engages (47%) as their top three content marketing challenges. (Content Marketing Institute)

What does this mean for modern marketers? Marketers know the importance of content marketing, but are facing challenges.

Captora is the solution to relieve marketers of these challenges. Captora knows that creating content can be a time consuming and manual process with a lot of guesswork. With Captora, marketing teams can intelligently scale and optimize marketing campaigns to accelerate pipeline across digital channels (search, advertising, and social). Marketers no longer have to try figuring out what content to create because Captora gives them insight into where they have gaps, optimization opportunities, and new campaigns to focus on.

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