Content Marketing ROI Guide

Content marketing is the future of marketing. With more and more companies using content marketing in their marketing plans, measuring ROI is becoming important. With 74% of marketers planning to increase their content marketing budgets, only 24% of them think they can measure ROI. Content marketing can be tracked through your sales funnel as well as revenue.

Here are some things to consider measuring:

  • Downloads- See who is clicking on your content or filling out your form
  • Known Vs New Names- Understand which content is bringing new new names and which are being downloaded with leads you already have in the database
  • Content Score- Determine how your content scores in comparison to your competition
  • Social Sharing and Engagement-What assets are being shared and engaged with on social channels?

Captora helps marketers create content-driven campaigns that engage and capture buyers across multiple channels. The Captora platform gives marketers insight into what competitors are doing, where campaign gaps are, and how your campaigns are doing. Get the insight you need and track your content marketing efforts.

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