Content Marketing Process

Having a content marketing process is critical for the success of your marketing programs. It's not just about writing the content. Content marketers need to have a strategy, an editorial calendar, and a promotion plan. But that's only half of the equation. With limited time and resources, marketers need the right tools to help them be efficient in their content marketing process. Having insight into competitor data, buyer pain statements, and where content gaps exist, is critical for modern marketers.

Captora helps marketers expand content marketing by filling top-of-funnel to bring new buyers into your pipeline . We do this by:

  • Identifying demand signals and content opportunities
  • Matching demand signals and opportunities to targeted landing pages
  • Optimizing and reporting on landing pages

Captora provides insight across all your campaigns so you can ensure your content process is effective and you are accelerating your pipeline. Download our Ebook to learn more about the content marketing process.

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