Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing works. According to Responsys 74% of marketers want to increase their content marketing efforts.

Content marketing has helped marketers gain an advantage over their competitors. It has increased website traffic, converted leads and closed deals. But, the challenge still remains. You need to have the right plan to be successful.

With the right content marketing plan you will know :

  • What type of content to create for your audience
  • What your competitors are doing so you can benchmark against them
  • What content is working and what is not
  • Where you have content gaps and opportunities

But, you need a technology that can help you create a content marketing plan based on data not guesswork. Captora gives marketers insights to create a winning content marketing plan. With Captora, you can intelligently scale and optimize digital campaigns to accelerate pipeline across channels. The bottom line: Your content marketing plan will determine if you are driving leads.

Don't leave your content marketing plan up to chance. Download our ebook to help you create a winning content marketing plan.

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