Content Marketing Metrics

We've established that content marketing is important is here to stay. But, many marketers don't know what metrics they should be tracking. What metrics you are looking at will differ depending on what stage of the funnel you are looking at. For example, your top of the funnel metrics may focus on reach and brand awareness indicators. Your mid and bottom-funnel metrics will focus more on lead generation and pipeline.

Here are some metrics you should be tracking:

  • Downloads- Put a form in front of your content and track conversions
  • Content Reach and engagement- This is hard to track. What content is being engaged with across channels and reaching the right people? A tool like captora enables you to track which assets are engaging your customers benchmarked against your competitors
  • Social sharing- This is a good indicator of reach and share of voice
For a more completed list of what metrics you should be tracking and more on content ROI, download our ebook!

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