Content Marketing Companies

As modern marketers well know, content is a dominating trend in digital marketing! However, knowing how to optimize that content for lead generation and revenue growth can be quite a challenge. As marketing goals increase, and buyers are relying more on content to identify solutions, marketers need a technology to help them improve their content marketing strategies.

Captora is helping companies optimize their content marketing strategies in order to capture more leads, improve customer acquisition costs and win more customers!

With Captora marketers can:

  • Leverage data to gain insights on how real buyers are using detailed search phrases to identify their solution.
  • From the same platform, marketers can then automatically create hundreds of digital marketing campaigns that contain relevant content based on these detailed phrases
  • A/B test these campaigns to see what elements are the most effective at engaging your target audience

Do you want to drive net new leads by engaging them with relevant content? Find out how Captora can help you use data and cross channel analytics to ensure your content is effectively engaging your target audience.

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