Content Marketing Channels

How do you reach the right buyers, at the right time, at the right stage of interest? You need to be able to access them through multiple channels. With too many channels, too little content, too few resources there is too much guessing. Thus, you end up missing on opportunities to engage with those potential buyers. Buyers are searching across multiple channels (advertising, search, social, etc). They are also exposed to different types of content assets from whitepapers to blogs to videos, that you need to be able to engage with them before your competition.

So how do you engage these buyers? You need a tool that will give you real time buyer and competitive intelligence so you are no longer guessing what buyers are searching for. You also need to be able to scale and optimize digital campaigns and associated content. With Captora, marketing teams can intelligently scale and optimize marketing campaigns to accelerate pipeline across digital channels (search, advertising, and social. Now you can identify digital marketing gaps and prioritize resources to boost conversions.

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