Content Marketing Automation

Content is only as good as the revenue growth it fuels and your marketing automation tool needs more leads to score and nurture. Most companies think of their marketing automation product as a middle-of-the-funnel product. They are great at nurturing leads so they develop their interest and buy your products. The seminal question is, "What SaaS platofrm helps me with my numerator problem?" - most companies need more new leads and that's a top-of-funnel issue. That's why we created Captora - the leading platform for Top-of-Funnel marketing.

Captora automatically reads and indexes your content so you promote the right content to engage new buyers. Next, Captora is integrated with marketing automation products so a new lead is immediately passed into the contact database AND we can share hidden-field information to improve the scoring and nurturing being done by your marketing automation tool.

To learn more about how Captora leverages your existing content to improve your marketing automation results, click the button on your right and watch our video case study about our customer, Marketo!

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