Content Generation Strategy

A content generation strategy is a well-documented plan of action that is focused on creating content for demand generation and lead generation. In essence it is a course of action that a marketing team plans to take in order to create brand awareness, increase or maintain SEO rankings and to convert website visitors into leads. An effective content generation strategy should take into account the following;

  1. Buyer Personas - Buyer personas are idealized representations of your potential buyers. To create a buyer persona you should interview existing and past customers, that are either happy or unhappy, and ask them questions to understand their pain points, goals, hurdles and how your CONTENT can aid them.
  2. Multi Channel distribution - Once you understand what influences the purchasing decisions of your target audience, you should begin distributing content across multiple channels (organic, search and paid). While some companies may question the importance of large scale content distribution, according to Mashable, inbound marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads.
  3. The Buyer Journey - While it is extremely important to distribute content across multiple channels, it is equally important to map your content distribution strategy to the buyer journey. For example, consumers who are organically searching AROUND your solution should receive content that aims to educate them on the industry. And on the contrary, consumers who are organically searching for YOUR particular solution should receive promotional content such as case studies and product demos.

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