Consistently Create Content

Consistently creating content can be a challenge. There is so much guesswork around what content you should be creating and what content will engage the right buyers. So how can you ensure you are consistently creating relevant and valuable content? Creating tons of content that doesn't get engaged with is a waste of time and effort. Instead of hiring an army of people to start cranking out content with no data to back it up, invest in technology that will enable your marketing team to scale their content marketing efforts without needing that army of people.

With Captora, marketing teams can intelligently scale hundreds of marketing campaigns and consistently create content that will accelerate pipeline growth. Here's how Captora can help:

  • Access real-time buyer and competitive insights so you know what content to create based on buyer demand and what content your competitors are creating
  • Leverage existing content to scale and optimize campaigns
  • Report success across content to know what content is working versus what is not
With so many companies creating content, you need to be consistently creating content that is based on data and not guesswork. Captora helps you reach the right people with the right content and lets you scale that process so you are not falling behind. Get a free digital marketing assessment to see what content opportunities and gaps you have relative to your competitors.

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