Competitive SEO Analysis

Marketing departments who want to succeed at reaching their pipeline goals must engage in Competitive SEO Analysis to ensure their content remains relevant and highly ranked by search engines. This proactive approach will pay off in the form of an improved demand gen pipeline. Search engine algorithms change constantly, and your competitors’ are adapting their content to improve their search rankings. Frequent, thorough analysis can make a significant difference to your content marketing strategy, and every stage of the marketing funnel after that. Tools that perform this analysis automatically will save your team lots of time and energy.

With Captora, your marketing team can:

  • Retrieve keyword suggestions that enable them to drive priorities for new campaigns (search phrases + dedicated, highly optimized landing pages)
  • Translate these suggestions into actual campaigns using simple and easy to use campaign creation tools.
  • Analyze cross funnel metrics across all your channels and campaigns.

SEO does not have to be a voodoo. Captora makes it simple, and enables an end-to-end workflow from search to campaigns to analytics.

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