Companies With Effective Marketing Strategies

Are you under more pressure to ramp up your marketing strategy? As marketers are now under more pressure to drive high quality leads and generate revenue, they need to be leveraging the latest trends and technologies. So what are companies with effective marketing strategies doing to differentiate themselves? Here are some of the latest trends in digital marketing that are helping companies increase productivity and fuel growth.

  • Creating Audience Centric Content - Modern digital marketing is all about providing your target audience with personalized user experiences and relevant content based on pain points and search queries are important to them. Marketers can no longer rely on old seo tactics. They need to be placing context within content on landing pages.
  • Marketing Automation - Imagine a C-level exec just went on your website and asked for a demo. You want to ensure that you have marketing automation in place to automatically qualify that person and then contact them for immediate follow up. However, if it was a lower level persona downloading an ebook, you want to enter them into your marketing database and nurture them with relevant content.

Captora - is helping companies leverage their existing content in order to drive revenue and increase their marketing productivity. With Captora you can:

    • Use real time buyer data and competitive intelligence in order to understand how real buyers are using specific search terms to identify your solution.
    • Automatically launch hundreds of personalized digital marketing campaigns that are dedicated to these pain points and aligned with SEO best practices.
    • Monitor the success of these campaigns across multiple channels, and use these insights to make smarter decisions on where you spend your marketing dollars.

Find out how Captora can help you increase marketing productivity and leverage real time data to drive decision making.

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