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There are 60,000+ with a content-associated title on LinkedIn (such as “Marketing Director” or “Content Developer”) yet only 4% are associated with "lead generation" anywhere in their profile, whether it be in a current or previous role. The role of CMO today seemingly has an omnipresent need for leads; how do they achieve it? Who is the driver behind this necessary effort?

The majority of this issue is attributed to the high costs associated with leads. Driving pipeline begins wholly with finding and capturing buyers before your competition. With the explosion of content present on the web today, marketers are finding more and more challenges to reach their targeted audience. Consider your challenges put to rest, as Captora delivers a platform that meets your need for leads.

Captora’s digital marketing acceleration platform touches each major region of the Top of Funnel (TOF); ranging from paid and organic to content and market intelligence. As the frontier of new cross-channel analytics, marketers will eliminate guesswork to uncover the content or channels offering the best conversion opportunities at every stage of their potential buyer's journey.

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