Cloud Content Generation

The importance of content generation for marketers in cloud businesses has never been greater. In the era of Yelp, TripAdvisor and the wisdom-of-the-crowds, even B2B buyers expect to do 60-80% of their research on the web, before ever interacting with a sales rep. That's why content generation has become so critical to marketing success. Businesses need to engage and educate their buyers online with compelling content.

And that's why cloud businesses are choosing Captora to help identify, create, and optimize new hyper-targeted inbound campaigns to capture and engage purchase-ready buyers. Without Captora, companies must use excess resources to hire people to execute the labor-intensive process of finding powerful search keywords and generating optimized content to launch hyper-targeted campaigns. This is clearly not scalable for the vast majority of cloud companies. Captora focuses on content generation and on automation of inbound marketing facets to drive lead volume while eliminating the cost of adding additional people to the process.

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