Channels To Generate Leads

Companies are capturing the attention of buyers a lot earlier in the buying process than before. With the change in the buying process marketers are responsible of generating high quality leads for the sales team. Generating leads through multiple channels can be a great way to engage buyers and educate them about your company, but it is sometimes a complex task.

One of the main challenges marketers are facing when it comes to generating leads is: How to effectively engage buyers through multiple marketing channels. Buyers are on the web more than ever before, so marketers need to create content that reaches buyers no matter where they are in the buying process and across multiple channels. If marketers aren’t utilizing multiple marketing channels they will miss out on opportunities to generate leads.

Captora enables marketers to capture new buyers across paid, search, and social channels. With Captora marketers get insight into which marketing channels are working best. The Captora platform leverages existing content to automatically create targeted campaigns to enable marketers to generate leads across channels. Distribute your content across multiple channels to generate leads with Captora!

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