Challenges Content Marketers

Content marketing is the new revolution surrounding modern marketing. More and more marketers are joining the movement to create targeted content that are engaging to potential buyers. Trying to measure your content ROI has been very difficult to do. Marketers want to know what content they have today, what content is driving pipeline, and where they should be focusing their marketing efforts.

Another challenge content marketers are facing is being able to get passed the noise. With so many people creating content, ensuring your content is reaching the right people can be a complex process. Creating valuable content that is both entertaining and educational is a great way to establish credibility and increase brand awareness. But since marketers do not know what content to create to get passed the noise, they are missing out on existing opportunities to grow pipeline.

Captora helps solve content marketer’s problems. Captora helps marketers identify where gaps are and which are high priority to enable you to beat revenue goals. With Captora marketers can:

  • Get direction on where to focus their content investment
  • Capture new buyers across multiple channels (organic, social, paid)
  • Get Insight on what content, marketing channels, and campaigns are working best

With the data Captora provides, marketers are able to solve their challenges and have a solution that enables them to reach their goals by creating content that is valuable and engaging!

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