C-Level Reporting of Your B2B Marketing Success

C-Level executives want to invest more in Growth Marketing, but have traditionally lacked the confidence to do this. Today, Marketing is becoming more data-driven and that means less guessing about where to invest your time and money to accelerate growth. Your CEO and CFO want to invest in growth and are willing to spend more in marketing as long as the plan is well thought through and measurable. By leveraging Captora's reporting application and big-data platform, you can now report trended results across your entire funnel so your success is clear across your executive team.

Now you have the data to support your future growth investment plans. And think about it - an additional dollar of revenue is worth much more than an additional dollar of expense. Most growth companies' market capitalization (enterprise value) is 3-to-10 times their revenue level. That means if you spend $3m in additional marketing expense to generate $1m of new revenue, it should be an easy "yes" as long as your plan and reporting are trusted by your executive team.

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