Business Marketing Tools

Business Marketing Tools are now an integral part of every modern marketing organization, it is not uncommon to account for 10 or more tools in a given organization. At the same time there is a very few Business Marketing Platforms and the ones out there are often outdated and have to be augmented with different tools. Marketing departments are under duress having to figure out a subset of tools best supporting their needs especially in marketing campaign management. Business Marketing Tool vendor count is in the hundreds and CMOs now need to have a person on staff who can sift through the glut of business marketing tool vendors.

Captora is a new generation digital marketing campaign management platform replacing numerous business marketing tools and dramatically improving campaign performance. Companies using Captora business marketing platform are able not only to streamline their business marketing tool portfolio but also to reap the benefits of the latest advances in data science and big data applied to the marketing domain.

Watch the Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration video and learn more!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video