Branded Content Strategy

Content marketers face enormous challenges today when it comes to identifying their brand as one that will provide the best solutions to problems buyers are searching to solve. A successful marketing strategy places engaging content about your brand in all of the best channels, as well as focuses effort on communicating information about your brand with clarity. Buyers are looking for reasons to trust new brands and revisit those that they have known to be effective in the past, and it is up to marketers to keep content fresh and continue to confirm this level of credibility to nurture these relationships.

Many differences exist, however, between knowing what buyers expect and need to know about your brand and simply guessing at how to direct your brand's content. When a successful content strategy is executed through a solid marketing plan, measurable goals and objectives are what places this into action. Marketers need accurate data to meet those goals, and produce creative content quickly that will clearly and effectively communicate about their brand while reducing noise in every channel.

When marketers are working across multiple channels and want to deliver engaging content, they can turn to Captora. Our advanced technology goes beyond simple diagnostic A/B testing to automatically index and deploy existing content, focusing on hyper-targeted campaigns to reach a conversion-ready audience. Engaging buyers with relevant information about your brand, and turning them into high-quality leads without all of the legwork of guessing, is possible with the technology offered by Captora.

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