Branded Content Marketing

Successful marketing strategies today are all about content. When buyers are searching for information about your brand, you want them to find reasons to trust yours above the competition whether they are new to your product information or loyal customers. Any brand marketer knows that highlighting their brand's expertise in any niche market is part of producing great content and fostering credibility in the relationship with buyers - and keeping content consistent, fresh, and relevant to buyers' interests is key.

However, there is a fine line between knowing exactly what buyers need to know about your brand content, and putting endless effort into guessing. Marketers need reliable tools that go beyond simple diagnostics to help assess the effectiveness of their content, as well as allow them to create campaigns that elevate their brand above the competition.

Go beyond basic, diagnostic A/B testing with Captora. Our technology is data-driven, and will automatically index and deploy your existing content, which means your best content will be directed at your target audience based on what they are already searching for. Captora also gives marketers insight into where content gaps exist, enabling marketers to create branded content. With Captora, you can compare activity, campaigns and content about your brand, as well as contrast with competitor information, to prioritize marketing execution.

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