Branded Content

Marketers today know that keeping their content consistent, offering seamless information about their brand in any marketing channel, will be the path to success. Highlighting the brand's expertise in any niche market while remaining engaging, staying away from the hard sell and always keeping content relevant to buyers' needs are key tactics. When your branded content conveys the right message in the right medium while resonating with buyers, pipeline can grow and marketers will see a dramatic increase in ROI.

However, there is a fine line between ensuring that your branded content will reach your intended target audience, and missing the mark by relying on guesswork. Creating campaigns that work seamlessly as original, entertaining and engaging media while elevating the brand above the competition means that marketers need reliable, data-based technology that allows them to work quickly. The effectiveness of branded content only goes as far as the marketers' ability to test and generate new content.

With Captora, marketers gain insight into how effective their content is that goes well beyond A/B testing. Automatically index, deploy and leverage existing content, and direct it toward your target audience and understand how to meet their needs. Our technology is data-driven, and identifies where content gaps exist, enabling marketers to focus their efforts on creating branded content that they know will work.

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