Benefits Of SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is about creating targeted keywords that are relevant to content in your site to ensure that your website ranks high in search engines. Even though there may be benefits to SEO marketing, here are also downfalls. To be successful in SEO marketing, marketers must keep up with the changes in search engine algorithms. But, with google constantly changing their ranking algorithms, marketers are always a step behind. Relying on search engine optimization to reach buyers isn’t the best marketing strategy out there.

Content marketing is not a fad, in fact it is the future. With thousands of potential buyers online, marketers have a great opportunity to create content that will reach these buyers. However, without the right process to help marketers create content, they will loose out on pipeline contribution and growth. Markers don’t know what content will engage new buyers and have no visibility into buyer intent or how their competition is doing. Creating content that has no tie to ROI has marketers at a disadvantage.

With Captora marketers don’t need to try keeping up with changes in search engine algorithms. Captora ensure marketers are reaching thousands of new buyers who are not aware of who you are across multiple channels by utilizing top-of-funnel marketing. Captora leverages your content ecosystem, Captora automatically builds thousands of content-driven campaigns to give marketers insight into what content to prioritize, where content gaps lie, and where opportunities exist.

Captora helps marketers:

  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Generate more leads with less effort
  • Dramatically Increase conversion rates by attracting potential buyers

Captora provides insight across all your content campaigns to ensure you are creating the best content to capture thousands of new buyers.

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