B2b Social Media Strategy

Social media is critical for marketing success aas marketers can leverage social media to engage potential buyers. The key to social promotion is to make sure that you use custom visuals, a strong call-to-action, and a lead generation form. Here are some tactics that can improve your B2B social media strategy.

  • Promoted Posts/Tweets - these allow you to get your content or special offers in front of a specific audience based on interests, location or language.
  • Facebook Ads - these are great for accomplishing specific goals or targeting the right audience. These ads allow you to create posts to get people to like your page, download an offer on your landing page, or direct people to your website, etc.
  • Lead Generation Cards - Twitter allows you to create an offer and when a follower clicks on the CTA, an account (with their linked information) is created in your database.
  • LinkedIn InMail - Now you can send a message to the people that matter most to your company. You can target your audience by geography, job title, company size, industry, etc.
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates - LinkedIn allows you to sponsor your updates to reach those who are not following your company page. You can choose who you want to target based on skills, company size, title, groups, etc.

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