B2b Social Media Marketing

As marketers are leveraging social media to identify and engage with potential customers, social media is becoming increasingly more important for marketing success. Furthermore, more buyers are leveraging social media to identify solutions and overcome pain-points by interacting and engaging with people and brands in their community. Social media is a great way for B2B marketers to grow their following and reach new audiences. Here are 5 tips for B2B social media marketing success.

  • Promoted Tweets - These give your tweets and posts the extra boost they need to reach a larger audience. You can target the audience based on keywords, interests, device etc.
  • Lead Generation Cards - By promoting an offer with CTA, you can add contact details for all people who follow you on Twitter and click on your offer.
  • Promoted Trends - Trending topics, which appear on the left side of the dashboard captures what people care about the most. This is great for driving awareness, generating buzz for your event, and making announcements.
  • LinkedIn Ads - There are a variety of ads you can do with LinkedIn. Recommendation ads, join-group ads, follow company ads, premium display ads and more.
  • LinkedIn Inmail - Now you can send a very targeted message to your target audience. You can target your audience by location, title, industry, & company size.

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