B2b Social Media

As 72% of internet users are active on social media (JeffBullas), it is clear to see that social media has become extremely influential in the way modern buyers make purchasing decisions. As it is one of the most preferred channels for engaging with brands and solutions, it must be a channel for B2B marketers to promote content on.

Here are 5 trends in B2B social media marketing.

  • 85% of B2B buyers believe companies should use social media to promote content. (Iconsive)
  • 87% of B2B marketers use social media to promote content. (NewsCred)
  • On average, B2B marketers who leverage Twitter generate 2x as many leads as those who don't. (MarketingLand)
  • It 75% cheaper to generate leads on social media than any other channel. (LinkedIn)
  • 72% of buyers use social media to research before marking a purchasing decision. (LinkedIn)

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