B2b Marketing Trends

"2015 B2b marketing trends" is a different, more competitive game this year. Search, advertising, and social channels are being ramped up. Content Marketing has entirely new, and may we add, high value in todays B2B world. Marketers have invested loads of resources into their strategies but are they aligned with today's B2B trends?

Here is what we are looking at:

  1. Cross-channel growth with both paid and organic campaigns.
  2. New technologies delivering high volumes of leads, continuously.
  3. Buyer behavior: patterns and trends with exclusive insight to where your investments should be aimed.
  4. Content metrics that are pertinent to different stages of buyer interest.
  5. Customized content with real-time landing pages.
  6. Top of the Funnel Marketing and creating seamless flow into marketing automation.
  7. The ability to access data to quantify your efforts, and then forecast and plan for future successes.

To many people, this all sounds like a lot of moving pieces. How does a department with 3 people achieve this? How does a department with multiple types of technology achieve this?

Look no further. We have developed an answer for you.

Captora’s digital marketing platform hits all core regions of the Top of Funnel (TOF); from organic and paid campaigns to content all the way to market intelligence. Designed for and designed by modern digital marketers, Captora is changing the face of marketing in the digital age.

Download a free demo and see how you can enhance your B2B marketing strategy.

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