B2B Marketing Tactics

B2B marketers are under pressure to contribute to pipeline, generate brand awareness, and drive leads. In order to successfully reach these goals, B2B marketers use content marketing. Creating content can be an overwhelming process for many marketers.

Here are some tactics B2B marketers can use to improve their content marketing strategy:

  1. Re-purpose content to create other content types
  2. Benchmark against competitors
  3. Map content to B2B buying cycle, persona, and sales funnel
  4. Use Social Media to distribute
  5. Create interactive and dynamic content

Having a solution that provides marketers with data and insight is critical for marketers. Captora helps marketers engage and capture buyers through targeted campaigns across multiple channels. The Captora platform enables marketers to create relevant content, see campaign performance, and benchmark against competitors. Marketers use Captora to help them reach their marketing goals.

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