B2B Marketing ROI

Many B2B marketers are utilizing content marketing in their marketing strategies. In fact, 73% of B2B marketers are producing more content. Being able to measure how your marketing campaigns are doing is critical for marketers, and measuring ROI is going to become more important. How do marketers know what is working and what isn't?

While it is hard to measure marketing ROI, it isn't impossible. Here are 5 content metrics you should be tracking:

  • Content performance in different programs
  • First touch as multi-touch attribution
  • Lead quality and downloads
  • Benchmarking against competitors
  • Engagement and social sharing

Being able to track these key metrics is critical for marketers. With Captora marketers have insight in which campaigns are working well, what content is driving engagement, competitor benchmarking, and where gaps exist. Having a solution that automatically leverages your content, web demand, and competitor's content to help you create targeted campaigns is crucial for marketers. With Captora marketers can drive ROI!

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