B2B Marketing Process

The B2B marketing process is about building a relationship with dedicated clients, engaging their interest with relevant content and continuing to increase revenue throughout this partnership. However, it does not begin there. B2B Marketing takes place over a months-long sales cycle, beginning with creating a database of prospective clients.

Over time, responses from raw inquiries into your company's product or service can be identified as worthwhile and be turned into qualified leads. Throughout this process, leads can also be identified as not viable current customers and as such labeled inactive or dead. (These leads do have varying levels of potential to become future customers.) When a lead becomes qualified, the relationship can develop through sales opportunities into a full-fledged customer of the product. The final goal of this relationship creates loyal customers, whose repeat business costs significantly less than obtaining revenue from a newly generated client.

Throughout this process, however, B2B marketers miss out on the chance to capture and engage new buyers. Buyers are online actively searching for information about products and services, and using this knowledge marketers have the opportunity to create content to reach new buyers as well as enrich their relationships with current customers. Increases in pipeline and conversions automatically relate to the marketer's ability to engage new buyers and increase brand awareness.

Captora takes the challenges and guesswork out of the manual process of creating content and ensures that marketers are able to create successful content aimed at intriguing new buyers. Additionally, efforts are placed at reigniting the interest of repeat customers. New buyers can be reached by the thousands through Captora's automated, intelligent technology by widening top-of-funnel marketing, especially focusing on those who have no prior familiarity with your brand. Identifying where marketers need to focus and create campaigns is just one way Captora can assist in generating new leads and expanding pipeline. Now marketers can feel confident in their B2B marketing process.

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