B2B Marketing Platform

The marketing technology space is fast evolving and growing more than ever. With over 1000 different technologies to choose from, marketers are overwhelmed with what technologies to leverage. It's important that the platform is helping marketers engage their buyers, understand what your brand can do for them, and deliver content that is relevant to their needs while nurturing a long-lasting, loyal relationship. Your marketing platform should integrate with your marketing automation and CRM solutions in order to help you send your buyers further down the funnel.

However, B2B marketers often miss out on opportunities to engage and capture prospective leads. Dramatic increases in pipeline are directly related to the ability to engage new buyers through marketing platforms that focus on increasing brand awareness, and consciously placing content in front of buyers that actively identifies how your brand will solve their problems. But how do marketers know what their buyers are searching for, without a whole lot of guesswork?

Captora enables marketers to intelligently scale and optimize marketing campaigns leveraging their best existing content at scale to find and capture new buyers before their competition. Sitting at the top-of-the-funnel, marketers are able to capture anonymous buyers and move them to their marketing automation for nurturing and scoring as well as to your CRM for your sales to keep in touch with. To learn more about Captora's marketing platform, watch our video!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video