B2B Marketing Pipeline Generation

As the digital marketing landscape continues to expand and as marketing is more widely used for generating pipeline for B2B customers, it is essential that modern marketers use the best strategies to optimize their marketing efforts. Here are some tips to optimize your strategies for your marketing pipeline:

  1. Content is still King. Your B2B customers will be higher converting if the content they're looking for is the content you provide to them.
  2. Integrate campaigns into a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation software is a great way to nurture your leads through the buying stage process.
    • Over 60% of B2B marketers send all of their leads immediately to sales. Approximately only 25% of those leads will ever be qualified. (MarketingSherpa)
    • At least 75% of marketing leads never convert. Forgetting to nurture leads is the most common cause for marketing leads not converting. (MarketingSherpa)
    • Nurturing your leads generates 50% more leads ready for sales at one third of the cost. (Forrester Research)
  3. Top of Funnel Solution. Captora is a top of funnel marketing automation software platform that enables your marketing team to understand what your buyers are searching for, nurturing these buyers through the buying stage process. Are you interested in learning more?

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