B2b Marketing Metrics

B2B is in full swing and content marketing is up to bat. While B2B Marketing Metrics showcase the capturing and nurturing of leads, there is one step further that marketing departments are diving into. Content marketing is heating up and has developed high priority in today's marketing world.

The channels and mechanisms to the development, sharing and promotion of content are countless. And this is now serving as more of an issue than an opportunity when it comes to tracking the impact of the content to your prospects.

Without being able to measure your content's successes and gaps, you may as well throw your strategy out the door.

According to last year's Content Marketing Institute’s report, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing. Yet we find only 21% of marketers are able to measure their efforts.

Solution to this gap? We've got it.

Alas, Captora's Digital Marketing Software Platform delivers:

  • Metrics on traffic generation.
  • Analyses on content gaps and prioritization suggestions.
  • Updates on your competitors existing content and how you rank in your content development.

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