B2b Marketing Data

Are you looking to leverage B2B marketing data in order to exceed your marketing goals and help your company grow faster?

Captora Digital Marketing Acceleration can help you leverage buyer and competitive intelligence in order to:

  • Identify - Automatically stack rank thousands of demand signals in order to IDENTIFY how potential buyers are actively searching for your solution.
  • Optimize - Automatically scale and OPTIMIZE hundreds of landing pages in order to provide potential buyers with a persona web experience based on what they are searching for.
  • Report - REPORT the results of these landing pages, by CTA, persona and channel. Then test them against each other in order to understand what campaigns and what elements are resonating with your target audience.

Companies such as Marketo were able to leverage Captora in order to develop data-driven insights to optimize their B2B marketing campaigns and accelerate pipeline growth. Learn more about how you can leverage technology and marketing data to get insights to help your marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video