B2B Demand Generation

In the B2B landscape, gone are the days of relying solely on interruption marketing. Instead, buyers are relying on multiple search channels (organic, paid, social etc.) to self-educate and self navigate themselves through the buyer journey. This shift in the B2B marketing landscape means that there must be a subsequent shift in the way modern marketers attract potential buyers and create demand for their products. The answer is in your content! Here are some tips to optimize your content for a better B2B demand generation strategy

  • Organize and Evaluate Existing Content Assets - Align your existing content with your current in-market messaging and offers. Understand what content is performing well and driving interest. Then, repurpose that content to be promoted on multi-channels. For example, extensive webinars can be broken down into ebooks that can be promoted on organic search channels for lead generation.
  • Get Rid of Poor Performing Content. Plain and simple. Content that is not driving engagement needs to be either re-purposed, re-vamped or dropped completely.
  • Limit Barriers to Discovery. Unlike lead generation, where you narrow the focus of your content reach to increase conversion rates, in demand generation you want to maximize your content reach. This means promoting content on multiple channels as well as removing content gates on your premium content. Gates require a visitor to exchange their contact information for content.
  • Create Content for the Entire Buyer Journey. Develop real life documentations of the decisions that made a customer choose to buy your product and the journey they took to get there. Ask for feedback, interview your customers and ask your sales team for frequently heard objections. Once you understand the goals, initiatives and obstacles that went into your customers' purchasing decisions, you can then align your content around those pain points and search phrases. Demand generation is about using content to build awareness and relationships throughout the entire journey!

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