B2b Content That People Want To Share On Social Media

Social media in B2B marketing has become increasingly more important as "85% of B2B tech buyers say it takes three or more pieces of content to help influence a decision." (Acton) Furthermore, 84% of C-level decision makers use social media to make purchasing decisions (MarketingThink) and B2B marketers who blog generate 67% more leads." With these latest trends illustrating the power of social media, modern marketers are leveraging social media to expand the reach and engagement of their content. Here are a couple suggestions of the type of content you should be promoting.

  • Promotions for upcoming events - Live events are a great way for B2B marketers to capture leads. Ensure that you are driving engagement by promoting on social leading up the event. Have a landing page that visitors can look it to see what you will have going on. Reward visitors for engagement at the event an on social media. Giveaways, spin to wins, guest speakers should be heavily promoted for weeks leading up the event.
  • Big Rock Pieces of Content - this includes your major pieces of content. In B2B social media marketing it is crucial to establish yourself and your brand as industry thought leaders. This can be done by promoting landing pages with form fills offering Webinars, Ebooks, etc.
  • Blogs on Trending Topics in your Industry - "Companies who blog generate 67% more leads per month." (Hubspot) Blogging is a great way to connect your brand to thought leadership and maximize the reach and engagement of your content. These blogs should be based on trending industry topics and when promoting on social media include a corresponding hash tag to maximize the reach
  • Share Content From Other Companies in your Industry - Obviously you do not want to share your competitors content, but think of this strategy as collaborating. By collaborating you can tap a network that
  • Awards Received/ Product Releases - Don't be afraid to be proud! Let your audience know if you have won anything special or have new products being debuted that your audience should be aware of.

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