B2b Content Marketing Services

Are you searching for a B2B content marketing service that enables you to scale your content and fuel pipeline? Most content marketing services rely on helping you with the workflows in content creation. But, many marketers are struggling to scale content due to a lack of resources/time. They need a content marketing service that enables them to attract high quality leads and scale content that resonates with their target audience.

Captora's natural language and machine learning capabilities are able to index your content and your competitors content in order to identify key phrases that are trending in your industry. You can then take action, and you can automatically create and optimize hundreds of personalized digital marketing campaigns. In the Era of Engagement Marketing, personalization is key!

Now marketers can learn more about their industry and their buyers to enable them to create content that is targeted and personalized to their buyers. B2B companies like Marketo and Servicemax leverage Captora to identify what content resonates with their buyers and get insights into where content gaps and opprotunities lie. Learn more about how Captora can be your content marketing service solution!

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